Greeting from Shinichi ISHII
Accidental two encounters had happed in last week, and has forced me to write this greeting ,to whom  I
had come across employees of Pitney Bowes during my 38 years services.  
One is the book's preface of "Winston Churchill, A study in greatness ,written by Geoffrey Best"
" I should have made nothing if I had not made mistakes "Churchill. 
What a honest man he was !  Japanese politician never write this kind of reminiscence.
A couple of days later, I was looking for paper folding machines to import and to sell in Japan,
surfing video of the YouTube and I have hit the YouTube video, farewell messages
 from Pitney Bowes wide range of employees, for leaving CEO Michael  Critelli.
They said in their farewell messages ,CEO Michael Critelli treated every body equally , from floorworker to director level.
He treated Pitney Bows employees very fair. 
I had same experience, soon after the course of technical training at Pitney Bowes main Plant in 1976 , I was struggling to setting up
the first Simpac inserter at the show room of Pitney Bowes Japan, located next to the US embassy building.
A tall gentleman came into the show room, and he came to me saying " May I fix the machine ? ,"
smiling and extending his hand for handshaking to  me. I quickly cleaned my hand's grease with rag and seized his hand.
And I realized , he is CEO of Pitney Bowes USA, Mr. Fred T.Allen.
I remember that I was surpriseded, knowing that the top position officer came to the field service man
and treated me same level to him, and I was greeted from him. 
Another coming across happened in 2002, after I have retired from Pitney Bowes Japan.
My friend and coworker Pitney Bowes plant at Danbury Connecticut, Mr. Walter Schotten invited
me and my wife to his daughter's wedding ceremony. After that wedding ceremony, I stopped over the national postal forum
exhibition at Boston.  I  was called from one gentleman in the facility of the exhibition .
 " Ishii , What are you doing in here ! " I turned around and found Mr.Murray Martin, CEO of Pitney Bowes International.
He was the top officer of world wide Pitney Bowes International branches, 120 countries , I am not sure the numbers.
But,I had met him just once at the Worldwide Pitney Bowes Conference, held at Singapore.
I don't remember the theme of the meeting but I was surprised that he recognized me and remembered my name.
Surmising these happening, I have to say  "The top officers of Pitney Bowes are all excellent personality holders".  
Missing the good old days , I would like to inform my old coworker of  Pitney Bowes.
I have just started my own business ,company name " ISHIII CORPORATION" on  June ,2013.
If, even he is no more or still is in this world, put your comment in this URL:
Thanking for you all and I am delighted for announce of this messages to my old friends.
Shinichi Ishii   2013 June, offering an elegy. 

  Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind ?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and days o’lang syne ?

For auld synelegye, my dear, for auld lang syne.

We’ll tak’ a cup o’kindness yet , for auld lang syne.

                                Hymn 370 (Scottishfolk, Japanese"Hotaru no hikari")